Global media blow up! McDonald's biggest food scandal exposure! We eat ice cream was actually ...

tiempo: 2017-07-28
Global media blow up! McDonald's biggest food scandal exposure! We eat ice cream was actually ... 

US local time on July 26, one of the world's largest fast food chain McDonald's, suffered by the CEO as "unprecedented public relations crisis." The reason is McDonald's in the United States a restaurant ice cream machine, was an intern found serious moldy.

The intern will be moldy pictures sent to the social network, was forwarded tens of thousands of times and boarded the "hot search." Subsequently, McDonald's stock plunged sharply, plunging 1.3 percentage points, the market value of an hour in the evaporation of 100 million US dollars.

The cause of the matter, but also from the McDonald's ice cream cone talk about!

 Nick, an 18-year-old college student, started working in McDonald's in Louisiana in March.

Soon after work, the manager gave him the job of making ice cream. Nick is particularly happy, because he usually likes to eat is McDonald's sweet tube, and now every day can get a free barrel.

      Nick is excited to share his own picture of the sweet tube

One day after get off work, Nick inadvertently opened the ice cream making machine back cover, the results were seen by the eyes of all shocked!

McDonald's machine stored in the cream of the groove, completely moldy...

He quickly found the manager, asked why no one to clean up this machine. Did not expect, the manager said, "now the big summer ice cream business so well, people line up to buy, do too late, how can time to clean up!

Nick suggested that he could clean up after work, and that the manager refused to let Nick clean up on the grounds that he had to pay overtime.

So, Nick and the manager quarreled, the next day received a letter of resignation! But he sent this thing in the Twitter, would like to remind you later do not eat McDonald's ice cream.

As a result, this push out after the rapid cause of crazy network.

There are also friends that can not believe, raised the question: "No, I do not believe this comes from the ice cream machine, which is probably the grease trap residue.

In the face of doubt, Nick threw out the real grease trap photo: "Those who say I am lying to see, this is what you say grease trap ... ..."
These photos in the release after a short period of time, there are more than 15,000 forward, tens of thousands of comments, directly boarded the Twitter hot search!

Events in the mainstream media is also rapid fermentation, the entire foreign media have been scrolled by this news ... ...

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(Sun newspaper)

(English Mirror)

At present, the US Food Safety Authority (FDA) has also been involved in the investigation. If the investigation is true, McDonald's will face a huge ticket, all McDonald's employees will be re-accepted food safety training.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's responded to HuffPost's statement that Nick's restaurant situation was not on behalf of the company's level. "We are committed to running excellent restaurants to provide our customers with quality food." "This is part of the machine and is not directly in contact with food and should be cleaned regularly."

"McDonald's America is still investigating the authenticity of the incident." In China, McDonald's restaurant uses ice cream equipment, which automatically heats and disinfects every day. "

Looked at NICK’s pictures, you dare to eat McDonald's it?

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