New paper punching machine for industrial and factory use

tiempo: 2015-06-14
Resumen: New paper punching machine with double wire closer system With interchangeable dies With electric wire closer

New industrial  Paper punching machine with double wire closer system for wire 3:1 & 2:1 from 6mm to 38mm

Distinguishing feature :

Professional paper punching machine for factory use ,

easy operation by foot switch ,
changing of dies is quick and easy,only need 10minutes ,lady can do that .
Can closing double wire for 2:1& 3:1 on the same machine .

Safety design approved by CE .

Heavy duty paper punching machine with interchangeable dies with wire closer for 2:1 & 3:1 SUPER450 

This is a professional paper punching machine ,it can change the dies easily ,can close the double wire on the same machine electricly  ,back of the machine .It can meed the demand of all kind of punching .

Specification :

Punch capacity : 4mm(about 35 sheets)

Punching width :45cm 

Punch speed :0.5s /punch 

Time of changing die :10 minutes 

Close of double wire is easy 4.6mm to 38mm 

Close wire size from 

Machine Power :1500W

Weight of machine :260Kgs 

With CE certification 

Wire closing system at the back of the machine 

Die pattern for SUPER450

Spanish :

Perforadora industrial Disponible en paso 3:1 y 2:1 


*Perforadora industrial Disponible en paso 3:1 y 2:1

*con más cerca de alambre para ambos 2: 1 y 3: 1

*Para el uso de la fábrica

Perfora hasta 43 cm de ancho.

*Perfora 35 hojas a la vez.

*la velocidad de perforación: 0,5 s / punzón

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