Calendar binding machine

tiempo: 2013-11-25
The new year is coming,there are many kinds of calendar in the market,the calendar in the desk can help you to make note so you can not forget to do some important things,this is very convenient.The binding method of the calendar is different,it is necessary to choose a correct machine to produce the calendar.
Super600 is a good choice for  you to produce the notebook and calendar.This machne used for factory using.there are some causes for your reference:
1)This machine can working for 24 hours,which have a high efficiency.
2)This machine have many dies for your choosing that for about dozen.If you want a special dies,we can produce for you only.
3)We supply the CE certificate for this machine,this is a guarantee of the quality.
4)This machine can equipped the calendar,you can choose the suitable dies by yourself.

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