Scoring Paper Machine

tiempo: 2013-10-11
When we need to store textual materials for a long time,it’s often necessary to score materials before you can fold them. So what is scoring? Scoring creates a line in the paper which guides the fold. By learning how to score paper, you can reduce cracked and sloppy creases and give your materials a professionally finished look. 
Scoring machine is suitable for the perfect binding machine,because if you using the scoring binding machine before you using the perfect binding machine,if you do like this,the binding result will much better.
SUPU E460 is a good choice for you,this is electrical creasing machine,the working width about this scoring machine is 460MM,what's more this machine can change dies for your perforating or scoring,the  Moving Position Vernier about this machine is much better than others,this vernier can not hold the paper,and you can move it easily.
The picture about this machine

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Posterior:SUPU SUPER 360E can changable dies office binding machine review