Legends about Spring Festival

tiempo: 2013-01-11
Spring Festival's history is various, the legend in early neolithic age when they had many legends "Spring Festival" customs. About the origin of "Spring Festival", have a kind of legends is: ancient China has a kind of called "years" the beast. "Year", head long feelers, fierce abnormalities. "Year" in the seabed until to a specific day (New Year's eve) is now just climbed out, swallowed cattle damage lives. Therefore, every day, New Year's eve all of the people fled to the mountains, to avoid damage of the "nian" . An old men,which from the outside come this Village, a hurried panic scene, nobody answered him, only an old woman gave the old man some food, and urged him to go to the hill quickly to avoid "year", the old man stroked his beard said smiling: "mother-in-law if let me stay at home all night, and I'll get 'years' away." The old woman continue to ,begging the old man sincerely ,but she don't believe it and went away. At midnight, "year" rush into village. It found the village atmosphere is different from the usual. at the women's home, : the gate was sticked the red paper,red candle burning at home. "Nian" was shaked, snarled. Nearly the door, a crackling from the yard, Frightened "year" shuddered, not forward. Originally, "nian" was most afraid of red, the light of fire, and exploding. At this time, the door opened, see an old man in the red laughing. "Nian" was surprised and escaped away.The second day is the first of the month, villager found the village was safe, they were very surprised. At this time, the old woman is suddenly enlighted, quickly to the told villagers about the old man's promise. It quickly spread around the village, people know how to driven "nian" away. Since then, every year New Year's eve people put up red couplets, firecrackers, Family candle .The second day congratulated to each other. This custom widely spreads, has become China's folk ceremonious traditional festival.

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