Manual creasing machine widely used

tiempo: 2011-12-28
1, Binding machine specifications
Binding specification is the maximum width and three hole punch area, the binding process employed in the binding inside the pinhole together with a maximum width on the pinhole area. Prefer to that indicator to measure mm, hole size 3mm * 8mm with for that reason to represent.
2, Binding machine the thickness of your
Binding can be the binding machine can bound the thickness within the paper thickness,  laminator usually in millimeters (mm) in the form of unit, however, some goods are bound pages (sheets) to measure. General binding machine can staple more thick between 20mm to 50mm, 70mm can provide special requirements, or perhaps is about 400-700. You can opt a run-of-the-mill 20mm products. Binding with special needs can select the thickness of greater product. This paper office supplies from big supermarkets collected.
3, Binding machine cutter within your form
Form s really a manual creasing machine cutter while in the installation, as well as generally on the comb and pull-out. But depending on cutter to divide the top cutter may well also be divided into small, large cutters, small + large milling cutters, milling cutters as well sun. One small mill works with office, ultra violet rays can be realized cutter luxury hard cover binding text. Milling cutter + small for large design institutes, universities, copy shops, small and medium quick short book printing, binding bids and drawings.

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