Manual punching machine profile

tiempo: 2011-11-30
  Manual punching machine, material is subjected to pressure to plastic deformation and to obtain the required shape and accuracy. Must meet a set of molds (upper die), the material put in the meantime, the pressure increases by the machine to deformation processing power applied to the material caused by the reaction itself absorbed by the punch machine.
  Manual punching machine design principle is the circular motion into linear motion by the main motor output to drive the flywheel, the clutch drive gear, music round, connecting rod and other operations, to achieve linear motion slider, from the main motor to the rod movement is circular motion.
  Manual punch mainly for plates, through the mold, do Chula material, punching, forming, pulled up, dressing, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion and more.
  Manual punching machine is widely used in various fields, such as we switch socket, cup, cupboard, dishes, computer chassis, and even aircraft missiles. A lot of things on the parts can be manually punch produced by mold.

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