Overview of Financial binding machine, working methods and their advantages

tiempo: 2011-11-20
  Financial binding machine is used for binding financial documents, notes and other binding machines.
  Financial binding machine works:
  Financial binding machine commonly used nylon bound tube hot riveting work. The entire operation can be divided into: punching, binding machine automatic cut-off pipe, wearing tube, riveted and other steps.
  Financial binding machine advantages:
  1 Green: The row within the scraps of paper design, punch scraps of paper generated by the hollow drills take debris directly into the box to solve the traditional way binding process.
  2 saves time and effort: the entire binding process assisted by the motor manual operation, saving time and effort.
  3 Binding firm: nylon tubes bound to make things more beautiful binding, does not produce a single page off, binding documents can be stored more than 20 years.binding machine

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