How to Use a CombBind Binding Machine

tiempo: 2011-10-25
How to Use a CombBind Binding Machine
CombBind is a trade name for a line of machines manufactured by the GBC corporation. CombBind machines offer various features, ranging from fully manual operation to electric hole punching and entire semi-automated binding processes. Despite the differences, the binding process is much the same and easy to learn. Simply put, the process involves placing a front and back cover on each side of a report or book then affixing it all to comb binding that acts as a binding or spine. CombBind machines are a dependable and economical means of binding reports, presentations and booklets. Bound presentations, reports and booklets enhance a professional image and can help secure a competitive edge.
1 Get acquainted with the CombBind machine to be used. All have a mechanism to hold the comb and separate the teeth so that paper can be fastened to it once the holes are punched. Practice placing the comb onto the machine and using the lever or knob to "open" the comb. If you have extra paper, practice setting the margins, aligning pages and punching holes. This is done manually with a lever or by pushing a button on electric machines. Check the recommended maximum number of pages to punch at once. Note the different margin setting for report covers, which are larger. Don't forget to change the setting when punching holes for the covers.
2 Assemble the necessary materials for a single binding. This will include a copy of the report or book, a comb binding and a front and back cover. The comb chosen for the job should be appropriate for the size of the report or book. Common CombBind combs range in size from 1/4 up to 1 inch. A small report of less than a dozen pages will look much better in a smaller comb than in an oversized one with much higher capacity. Keep in mind the grade and weight of paper, not just the number of pages, can affect what diameter comb is required.
3 Select the pages to be punched. If the book is a short 10-page report you may be able to punch the entire report in one step. Larger reports or books must be punched in segments. Check the maximum number of pages that can be punched on the machine at once. Always make a segment a little smaller than the maximum allowable to save wear and tear on the machine. When using a CombBind machine that does not automatically align the paper take care to align the pages carefully prior to punching holes.
4 Keep the segments in proper order when punching holes for a large book or report. Place the comb binding with the spine towards the back. Use the appropriate lever or knob to open the comb. The teeth of the comb will open on the forward side of the machine. Slide the comb through the holes in the paper. When done with the contents place the other cover on the report. Close the comb to release the bound report.

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