What is Simple Channel Binding?
What is Simple Channel Binding?

Simple channel binding (also referred to as MetalBind) is a binding style that uses U-shaped metal channels to bind documents. The bind is created by crimping the spine slightly using a simple channel binding machine. Unlike most other binding methods, simple channel binding does not utilize punching or gluing to create a secure bind. Instead, it uses the pressure created by the crimped metal spine to hold the pages in place. Below is a brief overview of binding with the MetalBind system:

1.Slide the adjusting lever on the front of the machine to the far left, and move the arm into the upright position.
2.Select the correct spine size based on the thickness of your document, and insert it into the binding machine (following the instructions for your model).
3.Move the adjusting lever to the right until you feel slight resistance.
4.Place your document between the binding covers of your choice. Simple channel binding strips can be used with your choice of traditional soft covers or specially-designed hard covers.
5.Insert the document into the binding machine so that the edges of the paper align with the edges of the spine and the back cover faces you.
6.While holding the document in place, pull the machine's handle to crimp the spine.
7.Slide the adjusting lever back to the left and remove your document from the machine.

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