Types of wire binding machines
Types of wire binding machines 

Wire binding machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often depending on the volume being bound. Wire binding machines are typically categorized as low-volume, medium-volume and high-volume machines. They are also categorized as manual or electric. Low-volume binding machines are typically used in the home or for occasional binding. Mid-volume binding is used for binding a few books a day. High-volume binding machines can be used to bind dozens to hundreds of books a day. 

One big determining factor in choosing a wire-binding machine is the amount of paper a machine can punch at once. Some machines can only punch a few sheets of paper at once, where others can punch dozens of sheets at a time. Many people, who are on a budget, choose to purchase a lesser-expensive machine and simply punch fewer sheets of paper at a time when binding a thick book. If time is an issue, and several books need to be created in a day, it is recommended to go with a machine capable of punching several sheets of paper at once. 

Wire binding machines are available with either a manual punch or an electric punch. Which format is better is really up to the person using the machine. Many people don?t mind pulling a handle to punch paper, but others like to have both hands freed for binding and prefer to use an electric punch. Most high-volume binding machines use a motor for punching paper. 

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