Four Ways to Get Organized with Binding
Four Ways to Get Organized with Binding

If getting organized is one of your resolutions this year, then you'll love these four organizational ideas that utilize your binding machine.

1.Custom Day Planner - Using your favorite word processing or page layout program, create a blank template that is tailored to your specific needs. Unlike mass-produced planners, these custom pages give you the ability to add sections that are specific to your business or activities. Once the template is completed, print out as many double-sided copies as desired and bind them together to create the ultimate custom planner.

2.Training Materials - Every organization has a set of training materials that have been created over the years. Make it easy for your employees or coworkers to stay on top of company procedures by binding your own training manuals. Simply gather the most frequently referred to documents, such as price lists, product brochures, and company policies, and use your binding machine to create easy-to-use guidebooks for everyone in your office.

3.Calendars - Did you know that you can use your wire binding machine to bind your own calendars? Using free, downloadable calendar software or your favorite graphics program, create the pages for your calendar, add a notch to the center on the binding edge with a half-moon punch, then bind them together with twin-loop wire (inserting a wire calendar hanger before closing the wire). This is especially useful for organizations that need unusual calendar layouts (such as Monday through Sunday or work week-only).

4.Log Books - Have you found yourself having difficulty keeping track of company-specific expenses or appointments in past years? Try creating your own custom log books to help you stay on top of your own information or that of your employees. Use your favorite word processing or page layout program to design a blank template for tracking expenses, listing client information, appointment notes, or whatever other information you may need to log, then turn it into a booklet with your binding machine.

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