How Do I Use Coil Crimpers?
How Do I Use Coil Crimpers?

When binding with spiral coils, the ends need to be crimped in order to secure the document and prevent the coil from twisting out of the holes. The most common way to cut and crimp the ends of plastic binding coils is by using a pair of specially designed hand-held pliers. Coil crimping and cutting pliers perform two distinct actions - they cut the coil so that it fits the document that is being bound and they crimp the end of the coil so that it stays in place.

To use the coil crimping pliers, hold them so that the red dot on the top of the pliers faces away from your palm. Hold the bound document so that the coil that needs to be crimped is at the top. Insert the pliers so that the lower jaw is below the coil rung that you want to crimp and the top jaw is positioned above it. Squeeze the handles to cut the coil and continue to apply pressure until the pliers are completely closed in order to crimp it. Repeat the process on the other end of the coil to finish the bind.

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