What is Paper Converting?
What is Paper Converting?

Paper converting can be described as a process by which paper is used to fabricate another paper product. For example, this process can be used to produce such products as envelopes, paper bags, boxes, containers, and a full range of similar items. Operations involved in paper converting may include treating, slitting, sheeting, grooving, punching, and folding. Some operations may also call for perforating, blocking, binding, gluing, and laminating as well.

There are many businesses that offer paper converting. Often, these businesses offer the conversion of film and foil in addition to paper. Some focus primarily on a specific type of paper, while others handle a wide variety of papers and materials. Most of these companies work with both coated and uncoated papers.

Highly specialized machines are used to convert paper. Some are used in cutting, folding, gluing, and clipping tasks. Such tasks are part of the process involved in making cartons, boxes, and other products. Other machines are used to cut, fold, and apply glue to paper for the purpose of making paper bags and envelopes.

Products like paper cups and certain food containers are made using paper converting machines. For this purpose, such machines are used to press paper into the appropriate forms and shapes. Paper tubes, paper towels, and diapers are also formed using this type of machinery.

Some paper converting businesses do not actually sell paper for use in the converting process. Instead, many companies choose to focus solely on the conversion of paper. In such situations, the customer or client is responsible for supplying the paper or purchasing it from another company. However, other bbusinesses do supply paper, offering many different types from which to choose.

Individuals who run paper conversion machines are called paper converting machine operators. Often, a minimum of a high school diploma is required to secure a job in this field. Many companies also require newly hired operators to participate in on-the-job training that may take several weeks to complete. Additionally, some companies require related experience for higher-level positions.

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