How To Use A Coil Binding Machine

How To Use A Coil Binding Machine

1. Make proper adjustments to the machine. This includes adjusting the settings and plugging in the machine (if electric).

2. First you will want to gather together the paper you will be binding. This includes any covers or end sheets

3. Grab a set of sheets to be punched. The maximum amount of sheets that can be punched depends on the machine being used. Try to only punch 80% of the maximum amount. 

4. Once all the paper has been punched, line up the holes. This can easily be done with the use of a paper jogger.

5. Now spin the coil binding element through the punched holes. This can be done manually or by use of an electric coil inserter. 

6. Crimp off the excess coil using a pair of coil crimping pliers.

7. Now you are done and are ready to move on to the next book!

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