What is Book Binding Tape?

What is Book Binding Tape?

Also known as book repair tape, book binding tape is the collective name for several types of one sided tape used in various types of binding projects. It may be used to bind paper documents together or to repair hard back books where the cover has separated from the spine. Because the tape is used to bind or repair books of all sizes, it comes in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Cloth tape is one of the most common forms of book binding tape. This option is helpful in reconnecting the cover of a hardbound book to the spine while still making it easy to open and close the cover. This type of tape was often used to repair rips along the edges of the covers of vinyl records in years past, and it is still helpful when there is a need for an inexpensive means of binding presentations or booklets with a slightly thicker cover. Cloth tape also comes in vinyl coated types that can add a bit of color as well as some extra protection.

Linen tape is a particular type of cloth tape that is more appropriate when performing a repair on a book that is of older vintage and needs to be preserved. Often, it includes small perforations in the body of the tape, making it easy to fold. Linen tape may come with an adhesive backing or be purchased plain so that special glues can be used in the binding process.

Paper tape is one of the most inexpensive forms of book binding tape. Generally, this option is good for reattaching a book cover to a spine or a similar issue. It is also a good option for securing pages torn out of the body, making sure the page remains in the proper position. This tape may not be the best option when attempting to repair a vintage book, however.

Transparent tape is a clear tape that can be used to repair all sorts of reading material. Because it is clear and flexible, it can be used on comic books, magazines, and paperback books with great ease. It is available in a number of widths, making it ideal for applying a protective cover to a small book or treasured magazine.

Book binding tape can be a boon to readers and collectors who want to prevent any further deterioration of a valued book or other reading material. Various forms of the tape can be purchased at printing supply shops, some hobby stores, and many craft shops. Before a consumer buys any particular type of tape, he or she should make sure it is recommended for the type of repair job needed.

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