How to use the manual comb type apron binding machine
How to use the manual comb type apron binding machine
1, The data is sorted, based on the hole can be done, if the comb-type apron binding machine for a long time not used, then you can first use some waste paper punch try punching machine is not still good work State, and by the way, check the lower crusher.
2, Punch, according to the size of the paper to choose a good punch position, after calibration into the paper into the paper, be sure to top into the bottom of the paper, and then press the handle punch
3, According to the thickness of the file to select the appropriate apron, the plastic sleeve on the machine comb teeth, and then press the handle to pull the apron to the appropriate location, with the binding machine handle pull the apron, if not open Put the apron tune a direction, put the hole in the information in order to set in the open apron, lift the handle together apron, remove the information, the whole binding is done.
1. Insert the text according to the size of the booklet, select the pad and binding margins.
2. After inserting the text, press down on the handle and lift the handle.
3. Place the glue ring behind the comb plate and open it up.
4. Push the handle back and pull the ring.
5. Place the punched document on the ring.
6. Pull the handle back and the text binding is complete.

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