About binding machine
Iron binding machine

The handle, the ring selection slider, the positioning adjustment slider, the pressure circle selection slider (the hole must be aligned with the punch position, otherwise the hole out of the hole has no margin, can not be stapled. Size), clip the slot (used to hold the text of the iron ring), iron hook.

Binding machine is a paper, plastic, leather and other binding nails or hot melt adhesive and other fixed machines. The whole operation process can be divided into punching, cutting tube, pipe, several steps According to the degree of automation of the operation of the binding machine can be divided into: manual binding machine, semi-automatic binding machine, electric riveting (automatic) binding machine, Binding machine Binding machine type according to the binding method used, the market generally have hot-melt binding machine, comb-type apron binding machine, iron binding machine, the order of binding machines, multi-function binding machines and so on.
The iron binding machine is generally divided into 2: 1 (21 holes) and 3: 1 (34 holes) two, 3: 1 iron binding machine binding effect is more refined, suitable for binding thin text, suitable for general design Hospital, planning bureau or small and medium-sized printing center; 2: 1 type is suitable for binding thick documents.

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