How to Work a Comb Binding Machine
Update Time:10/17/2012

Comb binding machines are an affordable method to bind reports, documents and books. Comb binding machine are an easy method to create a even more experienced start searching for the cardstock presentations.


1.Adjust the margins as well as the guides concerning the comb binding machine using the book you're creating. Do a check work with one sheet of cardstock to create particular the holes are properly lined up. area plastic material addresses in the top and back again belonging using the pages that will most possible be bound. These will be also punched.

2.Select the amount of pages to be punched earliest according using the manufacturer's recommendations. Using a slightly lower number will enhance the lifetime belonging using the comb binder and make sure the holes are tidy.

3.Put the borders belonging using the records to be punched firmly regardless of the fact that in the machine and pull the lever or push the button, depending in your machine. make particular you keep the pages in purchase when you punch every individual part and established them aside.

4.Remove the last part of cardstock and insert a comb to the machine using the spine facing the back again belonging using the machine. collection up the holes you've punched regardless of the fact that in the cardstock by tapping the stack versus a hard surface.

5.Spread the comb available by turning the knob in the back again belonging using the machine and slide the comb by method of the holes regardless of the fact that in the paper. Then close the comb by turning the knob and removing the book.

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